Marietta Lady Tigers Cheer On Team U.S.A.

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The Marietta Lady Tigers soccer team roots for Team U.S.A. as America's best athletes battle against Japan for gold in women's soccer. Kim Miller is mom to one of the lady tigers. She says it's important for the Tigers to watch the games and see females succeed in soccer.

"I think its so important that girls are watching the Olympic games to have a great role model, to be proud of themselves, to be self confident women and to succeed both on and off the field," Miller explains. "And they just enjoy playing the game so much- so it's nice to have these role models to watch and look up to."

The Tigers agree. Seniors on the team say they can draw on the U.S.A. Olympic moves.

"It's really cool and is really inspiring because you get to watch them and then when we have a game we can go out there and think about what we saw them doing at the Olympics," says senior Amelia Gulick. "We're here in Marietta and we get to reflect that in our own game and our own style."

For Marietta junior Sydney Stanley, watching Team U.S.A. take on Japan proves once again that this isn't James Brown's 'Man's World' anymore!

"It's everything because men think we can't do anything and we can," Stanley says, with a laugh. "We're awesome and they're [Team U.S.A.] showing us that we can do stuff like them."