Marietta Liquor Issue

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It's not just what's on the ballot in Marietta; it's what's on the menu - or not on the menu.

You can't buy liquor on Sunday.

And that's an issue for a Marietta restaurant pushing the campaign to change the law.

Owner Kevin Whitby says in all the years since he's owned Spagna's and the Harmar Tarvern he has never been able to serve anything but beer on Sundays.

The business owner says the passage of this ballot would give him the ability to sell wine and help other businesses downtown.

The tourists have actually been asking him to open on Sundays but without the wine sales it's not worth it for him.

Whitby says he's lost the days business, especially during the summer.

They have outdoor patios and people like to sit there, eat and have a glass of wine. He says Italian food and wine go hand-in-hand.

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