Marietta Native Caught Up In Royal Baby Coverage

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Imagine traveling in London right now. That's where an Ohio couple with local ties found themselves Monday, caught up in all the coverage.

Matt Lydy is originally from Marietta. His fiance, Erin Nemeth, is in London for business and Matt decided to tag along.

During their trip, they stopped by the Buckingham Palace.

They even wound up walking right past St. Marys Hospital where Kate delivered the baby.

"We just happened to be walking back to Paddington Station to pick up a train and walked right past St. Marys Hospital and she was in there somewhere getting ready to have her baby," Nemeth says.

The couple says although the media and crowds may be overwhelming, they find it exciting.

"It's really fascinating, too because this is not just a British event. At Buckingham Palace and even at St. Marys Hospital, it's truly an international event. There are people from all over the world out front just waiting," Lydy adds.

They've also be interviewed by The Associated Press and BBC Networks.

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