Marietta Parade

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It's a longtime tradition in Marietta, the Independence Day Parade at the home of the oldest settlement in Ohio.

"We just wanted to come and be amongst the public and see people and have a good Fourth of July,” says Sister Morgan, from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

What better way to wish the nation a Happy 237th Birthday than at Fourth of July festivities.

"It was a great, beautiful little parade that held off just in time for the rain,” says Adam Karlen of Marietta. “It's our first year here, we moved in January."

The marching band made an impression.

"I thought the drums were very good; that was fun,” says Sister Stephens.

Marietta remembers America's freedom and independence and stops to pay tribute.

"Reading of the Constitution and reminding the people how significant this document and the documents associated with it, the Bill of Rights and the amendments and so forth are to the establishment of peace and tranquility and maintaining our form of government,” says John Spear, of American Legion Post 64.

Citizens celebrate what it all means.

"I'm surprised and very pleased that we have the turnout that we have,” Spear says.

Adam is happy to call Marietta his new home.

"A great little old town -- it's great to see just a small community come together,” he says.

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