Marietta Picks Christmas Tree

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Once a family's Christmas tree and now decades later, it sits in front of the Marietta Armory for all to see.

The City of Marietta picks it's Christmas tree and sets it up and it comes from the Don Long's family in Lowell.

The family says this tree was their first Christmas tree at their home in 1976. They say they planted this tree out front of their home decades ago in hopes of this opportunity.

Family and friends gather as the city picks the tree. "It certainly brought a lot of joy to us throughout the years and it's very fond memories of those cold winters in the late 70s out here, it's to think that it'll bring a sense of joy and peace to the city during this holiday season," says family member Tom Hendershot.

The tree now sits in front of the Armory. Decorating will start this week and the tree will be lite December seventh.

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