Marietta Residents Express Concerns About Fracking

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People living in Marietta got together at the Unitarian Universalist Church to share their concerns with fracking.

They talked about the impact of oil and gas exploration on fresh water and groundwater.

Steve Logan from the Muskingum Watershed talked about conservation and its role in the oil and gas boom.

Jesse Daubert shared some of the background on Friends of the Lower Muskingum and the projects they're involved with.

It's important that residents have a full understanding on how much of an affect fracking can play within the community.

"The topic of the night is what is the impact of oil and gas industry on freshwater and groundwater because a lot of water is used, public water can be used for fracking and for injecting wells," says Jann Adams of the League of Women Voters.

Area homeowners at the meeting were able to ask questions at the end of the forum regarding their concerns.

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