Marietta Seeks Smoke Detectors

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Smoke detectors save lives and property. Something Marietta wants to see in its historic buildings downtown.

A parking lot stands where historic buildings use to. Over the past decade, fires in Marietta's downtown have uprooted business's and destroyed buildings. Marietta City Council reports only one in every four buildings downtown have a smoke detectors. As a result, not having smoke detectors can delay the response to the fire, causing more damage.

"Marietta's historic downtown simply cannot withstand anymore of these arson fires, we need to get smoke detector systems, wired systems, in the buildings so if there is a fire, we know about it immediately," said Roger Kalter, 1st Ward City Councilman.

The Marietta Wine Cellars was one of the business's affected by a fire downtown.

"The price of a smoke detector versus a price of your business and your living and lives, it's beyond. So there is no replacement for all of those, so can you replace a smoke detector, absolutely. Can I replace a business and my family, no," said MaryJane Phillips, Co-Owner of Marietta Wine Cellars.

This past semester the fire department along with a Marietta College intern worked on developing a survey and contacting the business' downtown on installing smoke detector systems. It's still in the works.

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