UPDATE: Impact of Southeastern Ohio Legal Services Office Closure

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UPDATE 12/19/2013 5:15 PM

Budget cuts close down an office many counted on for years.

Southeastern Ohio Legal Services is closing its office in Marietta this January.

This office serves Washington, Morgan, Monroe and Noble Counties.

The closest office to here, located in Athens, will still be open.

Managing Attorney Robin Bozian says even though the building is closing the services will still be available and they are not abandoning clients.

She has been working there for over thirty years.

She says they are very busy and always have clients and always see many new faces.

However in 2008 they suffered a shortage in funding and hoped to bounce back, but never did.

A woman we spoke with was in shock.

She said these services helped her keep her home and without them she said she would be homeless.

Three of nine Southeastern Ohio Legal Services offices are closing as a result of state and federal funding cuts.

The Marietta office is among those shutting down.

The agency helps people with domestic violence, housing, income and other non-criminal legal problems.

The Marietta office serves Washington, Morgan, Monroe and Noble Counties.

Beginning January 6, people in Washington, Morgan and Noble Counties will be served out of the Athens office.

People in Monroe County will be served by the Steubenville office.

In addition to the Marietta office, the Lancaster and Zanesville offices are closing.

Athens office: (800) 686-3669

Steubenville office: (800) 837-4781

Click on the link to the right to access the Southeastern Ohio Legal Services website.

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