Marietta Tourism Booming in 2012

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More visitors to the Valley! New hotels, new attractions, and lots of events kept the tourist coming in 2012.

The Washington County, Marietta Convention and Visitors Bureau says tourism was booming for the area this year.

While the summer fared well with the events on the river and downtown, the spring and fall proved just as well with showing downtown and different festivals. The CVB says they have also been working hard to promote in surrounding big cities.

One new hotel came in this year, and one other will be up and running in 2013. On average, visitors who stay the night spend three times more than those who spend just a day. 70-percent of the money spent here, stays here.

Also, the Ohio Department of Development's Office of Tourism has ranked Washington County as one of the best for tourism in southeastern Ohio.

"Quite frankly we came in over what we expected, we were able to give back a bit to the city which made it very nice for us but also to continue our efforts to build the city and make Marietta a great destination," explains the CVB's Public Relations, Casey Knowlton.

The bureau came out so far on top, they were able to donate nearly nine thousand dollars to the city. They received more on bed tax than budgeted.

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