UPDATE: Marietta In Bloom Volunteers Hard at Work

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UPDATE 12/27/2013 5:00 PM

Marietta gets beautified.

Specifically, the grassy intersection off Front Street and Muskingum Drive.

Entering Marietta from Devola on Third Street, that intersection was in serious need of repair.

So Marietta in Bloom took on the project to make a difference.

Last week they started the process by planting bulbs to give light and color to the area come springtime.

Marietta in Bloom is a grassroots volunteer community working together to make the historic city flourish through various projects that connect it with nature.

In an effort to make our city beautiful Marietta in Bloom is soon taking on another project that may make a big difference.

As you enter Marietta coming from Devola on Third Street, the intersection's grassy area - what is called Front and Muskingum Drive - is in great need of repair.

City Councilman Roger Kalter says Marietta in Bloom is taking on this project, working with Pioneer Pipe.

Pioneer Pipe is donating limestone and sandstone bricks from the Putnam Street Bridge piers for a retaining wall, plus planting flowers.

They hope to build 48 feet worth of sidewalk along the upper part as well.

Kalter says they want to start this project within the next two weeks.

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