Marietta Armory Looks To Get Started

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Years of planning and hard work and now they hope to have people using the Marietta Armory by mid-summer.

Finishing up phase two, the major structural work is scheduled to soon be finished.

The front steps are already finished with railings put up and now the roofing They expect work to start work this upcoming Wednesday. This will also include the inside flooring.

"We'll move the ballas drop from the front, restore it, repair the structure under the roof, repair the roof, as well as repairing the structure of some of the floors so it'll be safe for people to walk and do work in the future," explains council man, Harley Noland.

Then once all the structural work is done then it's just adding the finishing touches.

Those working on the Armory expect to have some occupancy in July. An ODOT Grant will be available to the project if people are using the armory by July.

"Then we'd have a transportation center, a bus stop, because right now we have them meeting in the middle of the street, with no bathrooms, and there's no public bathrooms here in Marietta so we'd be able to provide that," explains Vice-President of the Armory Square group, Jane Thomas-Serna,. "Plus we have some tenants that we think will be viable and we give us a really solid business plan."

You can also find more information on the Armory and ways to get involved on Facebook. Simply search for Armory Square Marietta, or visit

Updated: 11/11/2012 8:15 P.M.

After more than 20 years, a structure which once housed the Ohio National Guard is inching toward a major renovation.

Sunday, the Citizens Armory Preservation Society agreed to provide more than $10,000 of money it has collected to the city of Marietta.

For years,CAPS and its related organizations have worked to remodel, rather than demolish the Front Street structure.

It has been suggested for a transportation center, but it was suggested it could be used to house people during disasters such as last summer's storms.

"They had to go to Lookout Park, and the Red Cross is a house," said Jane Thomas-Serna, Vice-President of the Armory Square group. "There was nowhere for anyone to go. We really think we can sell it on the fact that it's this centrally-located community center."

It's expected the money the society plans to present to the city will be used for roof repairs to the building.


Nearly 20 years of planning and now Marietta will finally be seeing some progress. Phase one for the Armory Restoration project will soon be getting underway.

"Many people have invested lots of money to keep downtown vital, this could be one more important piece because this would be a mixed use facility," says councilmen, at large, Harley Noland.

Phase one includes the installation of new high energy windows and doors.

During a meeting Tuesday, the Marietta City Council showed their support for bid package number one to get started.

"Bids were accepted and they were under the architects estimates, so that's great, that means we have more money to work on in bid package 2," explains Nolan.

Council members say they don't want to waste any time. They're already asking for bids for phase two.

"Which was the second point of business. That would be a new roof, structural repairs to the roof and also installation of the roof," says Noland.

In addition an elevator shaft will be added to the back side of the building. Many members on the Armory Committee say it's about making the most of the donated money.

"So far no city money has been put into this project and so any of these grants and or dollars that have been committed from these well meaning people or organizations will vaporize," continues Noland.

Council says they hope to see phase one completed in July.

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