UPDATE: Amrine Pleads Guilty To Voyeurism

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UPDATE: 2/23/12

Timothy N. Amrine gets 60 days in jail after pleading guilty to three misdemeanor charges of voyeurism.

"It's not only affected the victims... it's affected their families," explains the spokes person for the victims.

Victims speak out as Timothy N. Amrine pleaded guilty to putting a camera in the employee's restroom at the Marietta BMV.

"At one point we all considered him a friend... people looked up to him. And now victims have live their lives, have nightmares over this situation," says the spokes person.

It all happened last September closing the BMV for a short period of time.
The camera was set up employee restroom.

"The highway patrol lab was able to pull off the camera images of three women using the bathroom facilities," says Prosecuting Attorney Jim Schneider.

Prosecutors say-- the camera sat on a storage shelf inside a box.

"The camera was set up in such a way that it aimed right at the crotch area of somebody sitting on the comode," explains Schneider.

Prosecutors say the camera would reset after 5 hours so the amount of time it was there is unknown.
There is no evidence of Amrine downloading the video or sharing it.

"What Tim did to us girls is devastating to us. He was a personal friend. Not only friend but a mentor," explains a victim. "What he's done to us we will never out grow it. We think about it all the time."

Amrine's attorney says the camera was placed in the bathroom after money was missing at the BMV.
Amrine had set up the camera to catch anyone stealing.
The victim's say there is no excuse.

"So I want him to know that the times that I spent with him after work, laughing, joking, shaking hands... christmas parties... I'm very ashamed of him."

The charge of felony tampering with evidence was dropped.
Amrine starts his sentencing March 6.
UPDATE: 2/23/12

Timothy N Amrine pleads guilty to three counts of misdemeanor voyeurism February 23.

The charge of felony tampering with evidence was dropped.

Judge Nancy Brum sentenced Amrine to 20 days jail for each count of voyeurism, leaving Amrine with 60 consecutive days in the Washington County jail starting March 6. She also fined him $100 per count plus court fees.

UPDATE: 12/6/2011 12:14 PM

The Washington County Prosecutors office has the case involving the former deputy registrar of the Marietta BMV.

The BMV office closed briefly back in September after the former head of the office, Timothy N. Amrine's contract was terminated.

The office reopened with a new deputy registrar.

Lieutenant Ann Ralston with the Ohio State Highway Patrol says the case may go to grand jury as early as January.


UPDATE: 10/3/11

After over a weeks wait the Marietta BMV is now open. Shannon McKrackin was named the new Deputy Registrar.

The office will operate under regular hours starting Monday, October 3.

The BMV was closed after former Head of the Office, Deputy Registrar Timonthy N. Amrine's contract was terminated.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol tells us they are still investigating the allegations of a hidden camera put in the restroom there. No charges have been filed in the case nor has a suspect been named.

UPDATE: 9/30/11 11:26AM

Shannon McCrackin has been named the new Deputy Registrar of the Marietta BMV according to Lindsey Bohrer, the Public Information Officer with the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

McCrackin begins Monday.
UPDATE: 9/30/11 9:58AM

Lindsey Bohrer, the Public Information Officer with the Ohio Department of Public Safety says the Marietta BMV office will be reopening on Monday October 3.

UPDATE: 9/28/11 9:08PM

Officials at the BMV tells WTAP one person has been terminated in connection with the investigation into an alleged eight counts of voyeurism at the Gross Street Location in Marietta.

Lindsey Bohrer, the Public Information Officer with the BMV, says the contract with Timothy N. Amrine, the Deputy Registrar involved, has been terminated.

Bohrer says the investigation is ongoing and as of right now there is no definite re-open date for the b-m-v
UPDATE: 9/27/11 5:15 PM

The Marietta location of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles remains closed Tuesday.


The Bureau of Motor vehicles office located on Gross Street, has been closed since Friday, while the Ohio State Highway Patrol conducts an investigation.

Sources tell WTAP News that an employee in the office is being investigated after one or more concealed cameras were found in a restroom at the office.

An initial incident report says the investigation is focusing on an allegation of 8 counts of voyeurism.

No one has officially been charged.

The exact Ohio Revised Code related to the charge, identifies the offense as: "no person, for the purpose of sexually arousing or gratifying the person's self, shall commit trespass or otherwise surreptitiously invade the privacy of another to videotape, film, photograph, or otherwise record the other person in a state of nudity."

Dennis Sipe, the attorney for the BMV's deputy registrar, Timothy N. Amrine, confirmed that Amrine is being investigated on a legal matter by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Sipe also confirmed the investigation began last Friday, which is when the patrol began investigating the camera allegations at the BMV.

Sipe also stressed that Amrine is being very cooperative with the patrol as they conduct this investigation.

Sipe was not aware of any upcoming court appearances for Amrine at this time.

There is not word on how long with BMV will remain closed.

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