Marietta College Community Remembers Young Student Athlete

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The Marietta College community is remembering Steve Kessler, a young student athlete who passed away Thursday from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Kessler, 19, was a pitcher for the 2010 NCAA Championship baseball team at Marietta College. Marietta Head Baseball Coach, Brian Brewer, says of all the memories, he'll remember Kessler's larger than life personality the most.

"The smile," Brewer says. "There's a place online where you can post your favorite memories and notes of Steve. I read one of them from a classmate here at Marietta College who had mentioned his smile. And he was, he was a big smiler. He was always smiling and that went along with his personality. And I think that's what I'll remember most. What a big smile and pleasant kid he was."

Brewer says Kessler will be greatly missed but he was glad to know Kessler had a part in winning a championship before he passed away.

"I had a chance to spend some time with his mom and dad and they were appreciative of Marietta College and the Marietta College Baseball Team, his teammates," Brewer says. "They were very complementary of the impact they felt we had on his life. But I think it's neat, as tragic as it is that Steve is no longer with us, for him to go out on top. I think it pales in comparison to this tragedy but its a positive experience and one that he was a part of and I'm sure enjoyed."

Brewer adds that professional services will be available to students who are having a hard time coping with the loss of their friend when school resumes.