Marietta College Students Make A Difference

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National Make A Difference Day has inspired some local college students to go out and make a difference in the community.

Taking a little time out of a single day can truly make the difference in someones life and that's exactly what the leadership students at Marietta College are proving. Saturday, eleven students participated in Trick or Treat for the Food Bank. each student went door to door in Marietta to collect donations for the Marietta food pantry.

"Whats unique about this project is we are kind of giving the people that help us, something in return I mean I know its just candy but it kind of adds fun and when the children at the door, if they're with their parents, they get excited too because we have candy for them," says student and participant Ally Welch.

Each student in the leadership program are participating in different acts of kindness during the day or the weeks surrounding the National Make A Difference Day hoping to inspire others to pass on the spirit and make someones day a little better.

The students say this experience has impacted their lives, and they hope to impact others lives.

"Obviously programs like this whenever students do them it illustrates the joy in serving and shows us that first of all there are so many needs out in the community that need to be met, and if people do come together, those needs can be met," explains student Ryan Turnewitsch

The Director of the Marietta Community Food Pantry, Bill Farnsworth, says the food pantry expects to serve nearly 8,000 this year alone and explains that the donations the students collect will help many families. He says he is thankful for the kindness and willingness of the students and community.

"Its a neighborhood thing, so it's nice, neighbor to neighbor. And its great to see serious college students from Marietta College contributing to the community here in Marietta," says Farnsworth.

The students say although they are asked to participate in this Make A Difference Event, they were more than willing to get involved.

"I'm really excited about it, like I said, just because there are so many children that live in Washington County, there's 15 percent that live in hunger, so I think we will be making a really big difference by going out and asking people for food," explains Welch

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