UPDATE: New Fire Chief Sworn In

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New Fire Chief C.W. Durham was sworn in in Marietta Wednesday by Mayor Michael Mullen.

Durham, a familiar face in the department, was surrounded by friends and family as he was sworn in as the new chief by Mayor Mullen.

Durham had been filling in on an interim basis since Chief Tom Dempsey retired in February.

UPDATE: 3/29

After 15 years of service, 13 of which in Marietta, a new chief is named to the Marietta Fire Department.

Chief C.W. Durham is now officially filling the position left vacant after Chief Tom Dempsey retired in back in February. Durham says he's been fortunate to be surrounded by a crew he can learn with and from.

"It's been a good learning experience. We've had a lot of good individuals come through the department. A lot of people you can learn from. A lot of people who are still here that are good sources of knowledge in all different fields of the job."

Chief Durham has been the interim chief for two months and his interim period was off to an immediate start.

"We were very busy in those first two months. We had three fires, two of which were labeled as arson fires. We also had a flood that occurred and a hazardous material incidence that occurred all within that span of time," Chief Durham says.

Chief Durham says he is looking forward to continuing to grow with Marietta.

I'm looking forward to continuing on. Chief Dempsey did an excellent job when he was in office," Chief Durham concludes. "I would like to see the Marietta Fire Department progress and take steps to advance itself and be able to better serve the community and public."
In about a weeks time, the Marietta Fire Department may have a new chief.

Monday night, two Marietta Fire Department Captains tested to see if they were eligible to fill the position held by Chief Tom Dempsey.

Interim Chief C.W. Durham and Captain M. Coppernoll both took the test and are now waiting on the results.

"It was issued by the civil service commission. The results will be mail into the company that made the test and they will grade it and mail the results to the civil service commission," says Interim Chief C.W. Durham. "The civil service commission will then notify the mayor of the results of the test."

Testing for the position was only open to captains in the department, since two captains tested, no other ranks were open to take the exam.

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