MHS Alumni Recount Experiences to Current Students

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The Marietta High School mascot has been the same for generations, but what it means to be a tiger, has changed.

Forty years ago, atheletes' shorts were shorter and people still wore letter sweaters.

"That was a big thing, you were the hot man on campus," said John Ellis, who graduated from MHS in 1964 .

The former track star Thursday recounted his experience at the school to a group of current students.

It was part of the sports oral history project, an idea conceived by school librarian Grace Hubbard.

"We thought the students would learn a lot from this because a lot of them don't know how Title Nine came to be," said Hubbard.

It wasn't until 1972 that girls were allowed to play sports or even wear pants to school.

Students of today say they can't imagine a time like that.

"I think it would stink a little bit," said freshman Kirstin Goddard.

Ellis says the group of girls who interviewed him were shocked to hear about an era in which home ec and sewing classes were mandatory for girls.

"It was a different time, nobody seemed to complain," he said. "It was just the way it was."

"I think the students are gaining an appreciation of the rights that the kids now have that they take for granted," said Hubbard.

But the project's benefit was two-fold:

"You could just see it in their eyes that they were so happy that they can get their word out," freshman Justin Warner said.

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