Guilty Plea for Child Pornography

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A guilty plea for having child pornography on his computer.

Richard Hill plead guilty to attempted pandering of obscenity involving a minor.

This past June, Investigators say they found child pornography on hill's computers. They say he was downloading and sharing it.

He pleads to the third degree felony.
A two month investigation puts a Marietta man behind bars on two felony counts of panderng child pornography.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office and the Marietta Police Department issued a search warrant at Richard Hill's Putnam Place apartment Wednesday morning. The police confiscated his computer and computer media and when they searched it they found child pornography.

Hill was arrested and charged Friday morning on two felony two counts of pandering child pornography.

"Right now there are two counts that we are charging him with," explains Chief Deputy Mark Warden with the Washington County Sheriff's Office. "We are going to review the evidence and that evidence will be presented to the Washington County Prosecutor's Office for either Grand Jury presentation or eventually prosecution."

Hill will be arraigned Monday morning.

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