UPDATE: Sentenced for Sexual Battery

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UPDATED: 5/22/13

Washington County Judge Ed Lane sentences Wilburn Bever to 12 years in prison.

Wilburn Bever pleads guilty to sexual battery and gross sexual imposition.

Prosecutors say Bever was sexually involved with an eight and six year old family member and told people about it over email.

Prosecutors say it was important to get the plea so the children didn't have to go through the trial and testify. They say their biggest concern was more about what was goin gto happen in the future.

Bever's famils says they fully support and believe he is not guilty. They say he had to plead guilty because of the stress and financial burden on his family.

Bever could face up to three years in prison and a maximum of 13 years.

He is scheduled to be sentenced March 29.

In June of this year, Washington County Sheriff's Deputies arrested 47-year old Wilburn Bever for gross sexual imposition.

Authorities tell us Bever was sexually involved with six and eight year-old girls in the summer and fall of 2011.

Bever posted bond and was released from jail.

The Sheriff's Office recently obtained new information from additional victim interviews and analysis of Bever's computer.

Deputies arrested Bever again this week, this time for first degree felony rape.

Sheriff's officials say they found evidence of Bever telling others what he had done with the young girls and what he planned to do.

Bever was arrested in Florida where he was visiting.

He faces a rape charge.

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