Marine Moms Help Marine Brothers With Travel Expenses

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A brotherhood of men serving our country. Fallen Marine Lane Cpl. Josh Taylor's close friends are traveling to the valley to attend his funeral.

Around 50 marines are expected to be coming to the valley this weekend.

Parkersburg RSS Marine Moms is a newly created organization throughout the valley. Many moms have sons currently overseas serving in the Marines.

The local women wanted to make sure every Marine was able to travel without having to worry about expenses, and the community is stepping in to help out.

"We've been collecting donations of cash and gas cards and a lot of local hotels have been really generous with donating rooms for all of Josh's Marine brothers and their families that are coming in to honor Josh this weekend," says Marine mom Dawn Cunningham.

One Marine is even flying from Colorado with the help of the community's generosity.

The moms have also been able to donate food to the visiting Marines and to the Taylor family for a few weeks.

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