Mark Stevens Sentencing

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The murder happened five years ago. Today a judge sentenced Mark Stevens for the death of Patrick Arnold.

Mark Stevens previously pleaded guilty on two counts.
He was sentenced today to three years in prison for one count of tampering with evidence, and five months for negligent homicide.

Judge Selmon says he is to serve these concurrent with each other and will receive credit for the 356 days in jail he has already served.

Patrick Arnold was found dead from a single gun shot wound, on the front porch of his home in Newport.
Arnold's sister says she does not agree with the verdict.

"Actually I don't feel like we got justice because if he did it, he only got three and a half years, but if he didn't do it, he closed my brothers case. That's why I think we just didn't get justice out of this, I feel like my brother, he was a good person to everyone, probably to one of the people that killed him," said Becky Allen, the victim's sister.

The Stevens family declined to provide any further comment.

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