UPDATE: Guilty Plea in Mason County Murder

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UPDATE 2/10/2014 12:30 PM

A Mason County, West Virginia man pleads guilty to a charge of second degree murder.

Steven Adkins pleaded guilty Friday to the murder of Rene Gonzalez.

Gonzalez was found shot to death at his Gallipolis Ferry home in July 2011.

Two other men also pleaded guilty in the case.

Chad McCallister pleaded to voluntary manslaughter in 2012.

That same year Matthew Woods also pleaded guilty to second degree murder.

Both are sentenced to ten years in prison.

Adkins will be sentenced in March.

It's reported this was a murder-for-hire crime.

Authorities are investigating a shooting at a home in Gallipolis Ferry that left one man dead.

West Virginia State Police officials say 43-year-old Rene Gonzalez was found dead on the porch of his mobile home on Huntington Road, also known as Route 2.

They say a friend found his body at about 3:30 Monday morning.

Officials say it appears Gonzalez died from two gunshot wounds.

Investigators say they're working several leads.

The West Virginia State Police and the Mason County Sheriff's Office are investigating.

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