Massive House Fire In Oak Grove

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It takes the response of six fire tucks to help put of a massive house fire in Oak Grove.

No one was home Sunday afternoon when the fire broke out but the smoke caused massive damage throughout.

It happened on Hanson Drive in Oak Grove.

When the fire department got to the house, it was completely filled with thick black smoke.

Firefighters say it may have started in the attic above the kitchen.

The house is considered a total loss.

Smoke detectors were working and no one was home when the fire broke out.

"It's always great when we get here and we know no one's inside the residence. That takes a severe burden off of us as firemen and knowing that that we don't have to go in and do a search to find if the homeowner was in the house," says Lieutenant Josh Stewart of the Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department.

The exact cause is under investigation, but firefighters say they don't believe it's suspicious.

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