Math Made Fun

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Learning basic math while having tons of fun.

Digging for dinosaurs in the sand, playing with dominoes and learning with cards to say large numbers, that's what math camp is all about. Kindergarten through 8th graders are learning the common core state standards in an exciting way.

All week at Marietta College, the Kids Academy for Mathematics Camp is happening from 9:30-11:30AM. 160 children with the help almost 50 teachers are using hands-on activities to learn geometry, numbers, measurement and much more.

Teacher Mary Ann Headly says this is an important part of state regulations for learning and is also a part of professional development for the teachers.

"Five days of really small group instruction and a lot of the activities are really super engaging for them, they love that they get the t-shirts. They do things that most teacher don't always have time to do in the classroom," said Mary Ann Headly, Kids Academy for Mathematics Instructor.

The teachers prepared all last week, learning the model lessons from the state of Ohio for the camp this week.

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