UPDATE: Mayor Randall Rapp Has Big Plans For Vienna

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UPDATE: 1/7/2013

A week at the behind the desk. Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp is honored to get the vote... and now take office. "It's a very gratifying feeling that you are making the community better, that you get programs going for our youth and you help our senior citizens and those are the things that make my life better."

Mayor Rapp grew up in Vienna and the served eight years as city recorder. "I feel like I have deep roots here." He says through his experiences and love of the city he knows community's common problems and interests.

While serving as Mayor, he plans to concentrate on older facilities that need some updates. "They're the basic things everyone depends on, every day. Those are the things we're going to focus on, so we want to make sure that we prepare them in a timely fashion, that we maintain them so they'll last longer and we're going to upgrade them. There are some new things that have come out to make things more efficient."

And the first priority for Mayor Rapp- the sewer plant. "It's already in the works. We're doing renovations on it, so we're working through that process and that's probably one of the most frustrating things, that nothing happens fast."

And now after the damage of the June derecho, his second priority is a community emergency response plan "We're working to coordinate our city services better, work with our state and local responders to make sure that our town is safe."

Mayor Rapp says he comes in with the City of Vienna financially stable. And he hopes to continue this by connecting different departments together to be more efficient.

"So hopefully we're going to make the city run better and keep our services at a level where our people expect them to be."

A former mayor of Vienna hands off his duties tonight at the council meeting.

West Virginia State Senator, David Nohe says good bye to community members at Vienna Baptist Church.

The city's new Mayor, Randall Rapp, along with other city officials were sworn in Thursday.

After serving as mayor for 15 years, Senator Nohe says he enjoyed helping the people of Vienna.

Mayor Rapp says he plans on building an annex for the police department and completing the senior senate.

"For the city, I look forward to working with everyone, to continue the traditions that's been carried on so well. I'm very fortunate the city's in good shape," says Mayor Rapp.

The new officials on Vienna's City Council will begin work on New Years Day.

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