Mayors Association of Ohio Annual Conference

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They govern cities throughout the state and this week mayors from all over Ohio are in Marietta.

The yearly Mayors Conference started Tuesday and continues through Friday, bringing around a hundred people to the area.

The mayors take classes on current issues and events such as state projects, funding and the Affordable Health Care Act.

"But I think everybody does a good job helping each other and also cooperating with each other and that's what its all about," says Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews.

"Almost every community has similar goals, but they also have similar problems, and you can come here and interacting and going to the conferences and everything, it is a big benefit to anyone who does come to the conference," says Mayor Arno Hill, of Lordstown.

Mayor Matthews says he loves holding these conferences, especially being able to bring business to the Marietta area.

They all went on the Valley Gem Wednesday night and will continue to explore the downtown Thursday and Friday, ending the week with the Merchants and Artist Walk.

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