McDonald's Hires In The Mid-Ohio Valley

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McDonald's was the place to be Tuesday-- and not just because of the delicious food. The food chain held their first 'National Hiring Day'.

Representatives with McDonald's say they look to hire thousands of people throughout the country. Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley stores were looking to add at least 25 people.

Feed back from local stores has been positive and managers tell us they are honored to work with a company that understands the importance of creating jobs.

"This is great and to be able to offer this and let people know that we are here," says Laurie Strahler, owner/operator of the Marietta and Caldwell. "Maybe it's something they didn't think about. The opportunity for advancement, the benefit package we have. There are a lot of great things to offer at McDonald's."

Strahler says she was glad to see the many smiling faces of both patrons and applicants.

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