McDonald's Slashes Prices on Final Day Before Rebuilding

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UPDATE: 3/10/2012 5:50 PM

They're selling until they run out of food. A McDonald's in Marietta is preparing for a massive remodeling, and in order to start the project, they need to get rid of all the food!

The McDonald's on Glendale Road in Marietta was offering half price extra value meals to customers Saturday.

Once they sell out of food, it's time to close the doors and get ready for demolition---that will start this weekend or next week.

But employees of this location will still get to make some money during the 90 day construction phase.

The owner, Laurie Strahler says employees will get paid to volunteer at organizations across the valley, and return to their jobs once the new state of the art facility is complete.

"It has been beyond our expectations. The people that have come in just to see the store for the last time are so responsive so happy to be here and excited to share in all the excitement with us. For about 90 days we'll be gone, but it's going to happen really fast. 90 days is an amazing time frame. So by mid -June we believe we'll be brand new with a state-of-the-art facility," says Strahler.

If there is any food left, Strahler says they will take it to the other McDonald's restaurants in the area.


The McDonalds on Glendale Road in Marietta plans to completely rebuild.

The construction is estimated to last nearly 90 days, but the employees won't have to worry about being out of work.

This McDonalds is offering employees to volunteer and get paid for it.

"This would be a first to have McDonalds approach us and offer this," says the Executive Director of the Marietta YMCA, Suzy Zumwalde.

Offering opportunities for both their employees and the community, while this McDonalds undergoes construction for nearly 90 days.

"I wanted to give them choices, but number one I wanted to keep everyone employed during that time we're closed, that was the most important thing to me," says the owner of the Glendale Road McDonalds, Laurie Strahler.

Some employees chose to work at a different location for that time while many others chose the opportunity to get paid by the local McDonalds and volunteer for one of four community groups.

The groups include Washington County Boys and Girls Club, the Marietta YMCA, the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, and ReStore Marietta.

"I'm really excited about giving back to Marietta and I wanted to give back to the community and to do that I'm going to pay people to volunteer at different organizations that we have selected and so I'm pretty excited to announce that," explains Strahler.

The employees will get paid to work the average amount of hours they typically would at McDonalds.

McDonald's representatives say it's the second time in the company's history an employer has offered this type of option for it's employees.

The nonprofits say they are overwhelmed with appreciation, saying they can't wait to get started.

"This is a first and its great, timing couldn't be better," says Boys and Girls Club leader, Sam Anderson.

"I think it's great you know, I think the employees that can't work their traditional job she's giving them an opportunity to seek out the community," explains the Program Director of the Marietta YMCA, Charlie Wilson.

Employees say they feel fortunate to be part of the cause and get involved in their community.

"The volunteering aspect in general is something I appreciate and the fact that I'm getting paid for it, as well, is very good. I'm very appreciative towards McDonalds in general, simply for the fact that I won't have to go jobless for the three months," says employee of McDonalds planning to volunteer at the Marietta YMCA, Coyote Gaylor.

"I love working with kids, something new to do, I've been working at McDonalds for a year and a half now so I kind of want to mix it up," says employee of McDonalds planning to volunteer at the Washington County Boys and Girls Club, Shelby Patterson.

Strahler says it's about giving back to a community that has already given so much to them.

"I feel lucky that i work here instead of somewhere else and get to do this," says employee Anderson.

As for the new facility Strahler says after 35 years, the McDonalds will be an entirely new building.

"We're really excited about the double drive thru we're going to have. Right now we have one behind the other but we're going to have a double drive thru that is so much more efficient," says Strahler. "We'll be able to put more cars through, faster, so you can get your coffee in the morning a lot faster."

Strahler says they plan to expand the footprint of the building.

"So we won't have a basement any longer which is unsafe to have. We'll kind of be moving it around the lot, we don't have a lot of space," explains Strahler. "We're surrounded by four streets so we don't have a lot of space to go, so we won't have a playland, and that was a hard decision. Very difficult decision, but it's going to be such a great facility."

She says they will be sacrificing to have a safer work place for employees and a more comfortable area for customers.

"We would really like to thank Marietta for their support of the years and that was one of the reasons I did the volunteer efforts but I know a lot of people will be displaced they can't get their morning coffee at Glendale Road McDonalds, we do a huge business here at this location so I know people are going to be inconvenienced and I really am sorry for that but that 90 days is going to go by fast and then we're going to have the world's newest McDonalds," explains Strahler.

Strahler plans the last day of operation to be on or around March 10th.

She plans a Grand Closing, offering specials on meals that day.

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