McKinley Talks To Businessmen

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First District West Virginia Congressman David McKinley says the Republican-controlled House has had little success reducing regulations business owners say are hurting them.

McKinley met with local businessmen Thursday at the Parkersburg City Building, as part of a visit to the area.

He doubts any changes will take place soon with Democrats holding the majority in the Senate..

But he says jobs are still the Republicans' main goal.

"Here is the jobs plan...and on the back of it are 31 bills," he said, holding up a panphlet of the party's economic proposal. "Unfortunately, we can't get them out of the Senate. So I think we need to revisit those bills, and make them more bipartisan. Because we still have 14 million people out of work."

McKinley noted one of the few successes, was defeating a bill setting restrictions on farm dust.

He also met with students Thursday at St. Marys High School.

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