Meet the Candidates Night

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"I think they either hear from the candidates or they see the signs around town with their names on it that don't tell them much. So this gives them a chance to hear them and afterward they have the chance to speak to them one on one," says President of the Wood County League of Women Voters Nancy Novak.

Two weeks until election day and candidates are out trying to gain every vote.

A big year from the race for the White House down to local officials.
Meet the Candidates night allows voters to ask questions about important issues.

"Well our mission is to get people out to vote and to get them to vote so they are informed. Not just go and vote blindly and pick a candidate, but to learn about the issues. To learn about the candidates. To study up a little bit if possible," says Novak.

One advantage to voters, candidates answer each questions round robin so constituents hear the varying opinions.

A local race to watch, incumbent Blair Couch and democrat Harry Dietzler for Wood County Commission.

One audience member posed a question about the controversial city tax.

"It's hard for me to discuss a tax at the city level that the good people that sit on the city council and the Mayor of Parkersburg determined was necessary. I've always been a proponent--just like the library levy--the best kind of tax is one that is spelled out to the people and they get to vote on it. So if you're going to increase a user fee, that should be brought to a vote," says President of the Wood County Commission Blair Couch.

Candidates for commission also weigh in on the issue of runoff water and erosion.

"A lot of that is governed by state law. In other words, you have requirements from the Department of Natural Resources and they have a mandate as to what you have to do in that regard. So the county has limited ability to deal with the erosion issue. Now if you went to county zoning, which I don't think either of us want to do, you could address it head on," says Democratic candidate for County Commission Harry Dietzler.

Audience members came loaded with an arsenal of questions ranging from fracking to campaign funding.

Sometimes elections appear to be popularity contests, but this meet and greet proves this year voters are focused on issues.

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