Melissa Lott Hearing

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Case closed...

Melissa Lott is ordered to pay more than $13,000 restitution to the Wood County Board of Education after her indictment for embezzlement and grand larceny by embezzlement over a four-year period.

Lott was charged with stealing money belonging to Blennerhassett Middle School, where she worked as a school secretary.

Wood County Schools voted unanimously to fire her.

“We wanted a conviction, which we sustained; we wanted an amount of restitution order, which was given,” says Assistant Wood County Prosecutor Sean Francisco. “The difference was, the board of education had a bigger loss than originally even reported in the criminal case, and it wasn't until after the conviction by way of the guilty plea by Ms. Lott that that additional money was discovered.”

Francisco says even after the money was discovered, they didn't have any way of proving additional restitution was necessary.

So the only amount ordered was the amount they could prove at a court hearing.

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