Memorial Bridge Closing Temporarily

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Routine repairs on a pier, two expansion joints and the deck closes down the Memorial Bridge for two weeks -- from Monday, July 30 to Monday, August 13.

"Our consultant is doing routine periodic inspection of the bridge like they do every year and we have a contractor that is doing some repairs in conjunction with the inspection," says Parkersburg city engineer Justin Smith.

The yearly repairs include much needed improvements that will enhance the commuter ride.

"We try to do some deck work, we try to smooth it out to make the ride a lot smoother," Smith says.

According to Smith, it's only a brief closure that shouldn't put too much of a crimp in anyone's day.

"Not much of an inconvenience and we hope everybody, we appreciate everybody's patience," Smith says.

But not everyone agrees.

"It's ridiculous 'cause every time I come down here it's taking money away from me 'cause I can't just go straight across," says John Shimp of Coolville. "So today I was late for pretty much everything because I didn't realize."

The closure may be an inconvenience to many.

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