Busy Memorial Day Weekend for Law Enforcement

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From state troopers to local police, law enforcement made the highway its home this weekend.

Here at home that may have made all the difference in keeping the travel weekend safe.

Of the citations West Virginia State Police handed out, most were for speed or seat belt law violations.

The same, generally, is true for the Ohio State Highway Patrol's Marietta Post.

Although, nationwide, there were expectations of more people heading out on the roads, state police here also tell us traffic was about normal for a holiday weekend.

Agencies in both states kept a major presence on area highways.

"I put my young men and women out on the roads, just to be seen," says Sgt. James Stout, with the West Virginia State Police. "A lot of times, just having a car present will cause people to slow down, or rethink what they're doing."

Statewide, authorities say there were three deaths on West Virginia roadways, all attributed to victims not wearing a seat belt.

There were 13 deaths throughout Ohio but that was down from 18 during last year's Memorial Day weekend.

Statewide, citations for seat belt violations in Ohio were up 19 percent from last year.

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