Visitors Invading The Merchants And Artists Walk

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UPDATE 8-9-13 9:12 PM

Friday night was a great opportunity for out of towners to see what Marietta had to offer them.

It was all part of Marietta Main Street's Merchants and Artists Walk in Harmar Village.

Travelers from all parts of the country came out to area businesses along with looking at some great artwork.

The rain didn't play a factor with Friday being the fourth Merchants and Artists Walk in the historic downtown Marietta.

We had the chance to ask visitors and store owners their thoughts on the city.

"Well one of my favorite things is the river, trails. We don't get that in Oklahoma, we don't have any navigable rivers. It's just beautiful out here," says Kent Roberts who's visiting from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

"Everybody's got to be thrilled and excited to be here. It's always a fun weekend. We're not worried about the weather, it's always a great night for our artist walk," added Teri-Ann's President and Owner, Teri-Ann Pfeffer.

"I'm a history buff and I really enjoy the history within the state of Ohio plus I enjoy walking down on the river walk," replied Dewayne Molder who's visiting from Fort Worth, Texas.

There is only one more Merchants and Artist Walk remaining for this year.

It's scheduled for November 8th from 6 p-m to 9 p-m in Harmar Village.
UPDATE 7-12-13 9:00 PM

ReStore Marietta put on an event Friday evening that had something for everyone.

It was all part of their Merchants and Artist Walk.

The rain didn't stop visitors from going into various stores to see what they have to offer.

This is the third Merchants and Artist Walk the organization had put on this year.

From antiques to beautiful art paintings, this event gives visitors many reasons to shop in the historic downtown Marietta.

"It's just as good. A good exposure really, people get to see each other, they get to visit, they get to come into your stores, see what you're all about and see all the stores at once," says H. Rietz and Company Owner, Shana Woodford.

The Merchants and Artist Walk will take place two more times this year on August 9th and November 8th.

It starts from 6pm to 9pm.

For more information, contact ReStore Marietta at 740-885-8194 or email at
The weather didn't stop downtown businesses in Marietta from showing everyone what they had to offer.

It's all part of the Merchants and Artist Walk Friday evening.

People walked through the rain visiting various retail shops throughout downtown and Harmar Villiage.

It's a perfect way for businesses to get their name out there and attracting more customers.

The event is a celebration of art, music, craftsmanship and the downtown shopping district.

"It's a great interactive tool not only for the businesses that are here, but the businesses from other places that have upcoming events they can talk to the public about," says The Castle Museum Executive Director, Scott Britton.

The Merchants and Artist Walk was also a golden opportunity for those of you still shopping for gifts for your mom.

Don't forget, Mother's Day is this Sunday on May 12th.

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