Merry-Etta Moonlight Savings

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A holiday shopping extravaganza Friday night.

Downtown businesses in Marietta held their annual Merry-Etta Moonlight Savings.

People braved out the snow to local stores for great bargains on merchandise.

After picking out items they want to purchase, the shoppers would then pick out a snowflake.

It will then reveal how much of a discount they will get on the items.

Shoppers can earn up to 50 percent off on various items throughout the stores.

"The Moonlight Special helps you save some money and right before Christmas is a good deal," says Hannah Nelson.

"My husband and I are down here tonight, we're just having a great time going from shop to shop and looking at all the crafts and the things that the merchants have to offer," added Chris Perry.

Due to the snowy conditions, American Flags and Poles, Dad's Primitive Workbench and H. Rietz and Company Antiques and Jewelry will extend the Merry-Etta Moonlight Savings to Saturday.

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