Meth Lab Investigation

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The morning of January 3 police responded to a domestic dispute call at a home on Williams Street in Parkersburg and uncovered something far different.

Agents and officers with the Parkersburg Police and Violent Crime and Narcotics Task Force found an active methamphetamine drug lab inside.

Jack Poland was arrested for felony possession of a precursor to manufacture methamphetamine.

Police say Poland admitted to buying pseudoephedrine and selling it for $50 to $100 each.

The investigation is not over... more charges are expected in the case.

"These situations are very dangerous," says Sgt. Greg Collins. "They're dangerous for the neighbors. There's a hazardous material component to each and every meth lab. There's an explosive component to each meth lab depending on what phase of the cook they're in."

Collins says there are phases when the explosiveness is much less of a risk.

"But if the officers had gone into the house when the meth cook was very volatile it could have resulted in an explosion or fire, which not only would have the officers and the people inside the house in danger, but the people who live around this house in danger as well."

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