Meth Lab Problem Growing in Ohio

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Meth labs are a major problem in Ohio and right here in Washington County.

Authorities say they have seen a big jump in meth lab busts this year.

Throughout Ohio police reported seizing almost 900.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says here and in surrounding counties the Major Crimes Task Force has busted 19 since January.

At those nineteen there were multiple containers for the shake and bake method.

"These are two litter pop bottles, that are put in, multiple different type of chemicals are put into it, and at a certain point it's shaken. Inside that bottle the process takes place and it's churning," said Washington County Chief Sheriff's Deputy Mark Warden.

Chief Deputy Warden says these type of labs they are seeing more of are even more dangerous to the deputies responding.

People may also find them in trash cans and Chief Deputy Warden says if you do see anything like this, call the sheriff's department right away and do not touch it.

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