Why One Michigan Woman Loves Parkersburg

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A Michigan woman is singing Parkersburg's praises after some honest citizens returned her lost jacket that had $400 in the pocket.

After forgetting her jacket at the south side Wendy's, Susan Wynn thought her jacket and her money were gone forever.

The next day, employees at Wendy's had contacted the school her children attend because of the logo that was on the jacket. Wynn says the honest employees are making sure she gets all of her money and her jacket back.

"They are sending it back to me and I asked them to take $50 out and any kind of money they needed to send the coat back and they wouldn't have it," Wynn explains. "I was almost crying and I was just saying thank you, thank you, thank you so much. And I thought, ya know, that's just awesome. Just wonderful, wonderful people of West Virginia and the employees at Wendy's"

Wynn says in addition to the wonderful service at the Wendy's- the food was delicious as well.

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