Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home Receives Grant

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Governor Tomblin announces more than a million dollars in grants for community-based substance abuse, treatment and recovery services across West Virginia.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home in Parkersburg is one of them.

Executive Director Patrice Pooler says they are receiving a $222,500 grant, which will enable them to add eight more beds to the services they offer.

It's about helping people regain their life and reintegrate into the community.

"We have people that continually recidivate," she says. "They go through the process and then they don't get to the core of their problems -- and so they go back to what they've known, which is using. What we're going to be doing is focusing on re-establishing sober living skills in these people."

Pooler says she is so grateful for the grant because she sees too many people fall by the wayside and the more beds they can offer people in the area the better.

She wishes they could have six of these facilities.

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