UPDATE: Public Meeting on Bus Fare Proposal

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UPDATE 8/19/2014 11:00 AM

Cost of living, insurance, fuel and equipment.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority talked about increasing bus fare at a public meeting Monday night.

This is the first Easy Rider fare increase proposal since 1986 - that's 28 years.

Right now it costs fifty cents to get across town.

But the Transit Authority is considering increasing that to 75 cents, or an extra $5 for a 30 day pass.

General Manager Tim Thomas says one reason for the proposal is to plan for the future of bus replacements.

"To replace a bus in today's market that we have a statewide contractor we can use, through the West Virginia Division of Public Transit, it would cost us now a $140,000 a year. We do currently have 5 buses that need to be replaced," he says.

One board member added this proposal is to help take the burden off of taxpayers by not asking for another levy increase.

You can still voice your opinion at Tuesday's meeting at the MOV Transit Conference Center from 6 to 7.

A well-used public service may get a little more expensive.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Transit Authority is considering raising the price for a bus ride.

The Transit Authority will hold a hearing on Monday.

People who take the bus may see a fifty percent increase in bus fare.

Right now it costs fifty cents to get across town.

But riders may soon be paying 75 cents, or an extra $5 a month for a 30 day pass.

Many locals rely on public transportation and they have mixed feelings.

"'It's going to take more to run the buses if they run longer hours. The buses are going to start running til like 11:00 at night," says Angela Hickel.

"It's gonna hurt people because now people are going to have to put more money aside. And now people are more likely to walk to work," says Walter Conde.

"To be honest, twenty dollars is enough. And a lot of people just barely get by paying twenty dollars a month," says Amy Clevenger.

The hearing will be open to the public.

It runs from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Vienna City Building council chambers.

The Transit Authority says anyone can come.

They'll consider any suggestions and input on the issue.

The authority will take a month to consider the hike increase.

They say they'll look at all sides of the proposal before making a decision.

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