Mid-Ohio Valley Work Camp

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They come from many different places.

But they have a common goal - to help homeowners right here in the Valley.

It was a hot one out there Thursday, but that didn't slow down the dedicated volunteers who are a part of this annual program.

Mid-Ohio Valley Work Camp wrapped up Thursday.

This week 425 volunteers - including kids and adults - painted 36 houses all around the Valley.

Some live right here in the area, while others are from as far away as Florida and Tennessee.

While they're here they stay at Ohio Valley University.

The work is done free of charge for elderly, disabled and low income homeowners.

So, it means a lot to them to have the work done.

But the volunteers say they get a lot out of it, too.

"Nice crew, nice little bunch of people and I love to have them," says Dale Nixon, a 92-year-old World War II veteran from Marietta whose house was painted this week.

"I just really like doing hard work and I feel like it really pays off and that people really appreciate it and I just think it's a good thing to do," says Nenia Wilson, an 18-year-old volunteer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This is the 16th year for the program.

Grants and fees from the kids are a few of the ways it is funded.

Thursday night they planned a ceremony with homeowners, volunteers and contributors to the program just to reflect on all the hard work they've done this week and celebrate another successful year of Work Camp.

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