Mid-Ohio Valley Veteran's Museum Honoring Women in the War

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A small area of the veteran's museum is reserved to honor women who have served our country. But museum director Gary Farris is searching for more women to recognize them for their time in the military.

"Well women had a great deal to contribute during all of our wars and now our women are in combat," says Farris. "I think it's right that we recognize women in war. They have contributed since the revolutionary war so it's time to say something about them."

So far four women and their families have donated memorabilia including medals, letters, and uniforms to the women in war program.
Farris says this program began because he felt this group of veterans wasn't being represented in the museum.\

"I just want to draw more attention to women veteran's. They need to be recognized also," says Farris.

The museum has also taken on a project to record the histories of veterans. Farris has interviewed several soldiers who served during World War II. He is hoping to add their stories to the museum archives and make the DVD available to all museum visitors.

"If you could sit down and talk with one of these World War II veterans you'd get hooked. I mean just the stories we hear and the sacrifices these men and women have made," says Farris. "Some of them are tremendous, the things that they went through, and we don't want anybody to forget them."

With veteran's day approaching, Farris is hoping more female veterans will come forward and contribute their stories and memorabilia to the collection.

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