Milestones For The Parkersburg Police Department

Police Squad Car Lights
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Parkersburg's police chief is getting training this fall, from one of the world's largest law enforcement agencies.

Chief Joseph Martin says he is going to Quantico, Virginia next month...for training at the FBI Crime Academy.
He hopes to learn skills which will allow him to network with police chiefs and law enforcement agencies from across the country...and the world.

"A problem I might see here in Parkersburg, how I might relate that to someone else's problems, in the United States or in another part of the world, and learn from them how they have handled it in the past, and get some insight from that angle," the chief said.

The course begins in September and ends in December.

Chief Martin says only a small number of classes are available at the academy each year, and most usually go to state police agencies.

And Chief Martin's department is observing a milestone this weekend.
Sunday, August 26th, marks the 139th anniversary of the Parkersburg Police Department.

Today, the department has more than one hundred employees, in positions ranging from police officers to an evidence technician.

" A lot of good guys have worked here, and worn the uniform in the past, and done a good job for the city and the police department," Chief Martin noted. "As long as I've been here, we've never done that (had an anniversary observance)."

The first police chief was appointed in 1891, and it did not have its first motorized vehicle until 1913.

It has been housed in the Parkersburg City Building since December, 1979.

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