Mineral Wells Bridge Dedication

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Another bridge, making driving easier in Mineral Wells.

Today it was officially dedicated.

The West Virginia 14 bridge over I-77 officially carries the name of a Parkersburg soldier today.

Army Sergeant Richard Bowry received the Medal of Honor for capturing a Confederate flag during a Civil War battle in Virginia.

There was a huge turn out for the dedication ceremony, with a speech from the last living Medal of Honor recipient in the state of West Virginia, Hershel Williams.

Williams says it's important the community knows the heroic deeds of this soldier.

"Our youth needs to know, this fellow, this man, served in the Civil War which was the most unusual war, where we lost 600,000 people killed. They need to know something about that," said Hershel Williams, Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

Also there today, Hank Bowry, who is the grandson of Richard Bowry and the last standing Bowry. He put this whole dedication together.

He says this bridge dedication was a way for him to salute to the Bowry name and honor his grandfather.

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