UPDATED: The River Search is Over

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UPDATED: 3/4/13 6:00 pm

After a full day of searching the river and banks, Marietta Police say they did not find the man.

Nearly ten different agencies helped search the water.

Marietta Police say the investigation into what happened to the man continues.

UPDATED: 3/4/13

The search continues for a missing sailor. Police are out in full force hitting the water.

Four boats, nearly ten different agencies and three cadaver dogs. Marietta Police take their search for Carl Austin Travis to the river and river banks.

The last time anyone saw Travis is when he checked into the Lafayette Hotel more than two weeks ago. Now Detective Troy Hawkins says much of the investigation leads to dead ends
and searching the river has to be done. "We have no indication that he left downtown Marietta through investigative efforts. We have no reason to believe that he left this area, so at this point it's the most logic
place to look. We have no evidence that he went directly into the river but it's just an avenue that we need to rule out."

The new police and fire boats can use sonar and the specially trained dogs to see what is under the water.Groups were also on food searching the banks."Given the water temperature, if he would have happened to go into the water I don't think he's going to go very far due to some of the experiences that we've had with individuals
going into the water, typically they don't travel very far. We're going to do most of our effort right here out front of Marietta."

From Marietta they are working their way through the Muskingum and down to Parkersburg.

Marietta Police, specifically Detective Hawkins, are running the search assisting with help from West Virginia DNR, Marietta Fire Department, Williamstown, Warren, and Little Hocking Volunteer Fire Departments, Washington County Sheriff's Office, and Volunteers with the trained cadaver dogs.

UPDATE: 2/25/13

Marietta Police are using every resource to find a missing Parkersburg man.

The last time anyone saw Carl Austin Travis, is when he checked into the Lafayette Hotel more than a week ago. Now Marietta Police say much of the investigation leads to dead ends.

They say they have done just about everything with no activity or sign of Travis, cell phone, social media, banking activity and still nothing. Police say they even searched the river and banks.

Travis is a Parkersburg man, 22-years old, with brown hair and blue eyes five-feet-seven and 140 pounds. If you have a tip...call 740-373-4141.

Carl Travis' Mom and Grandma hopes and prays he's found safely.
Travis has been missing since Tuesday as he booked a room at the Lafayette Hotel.

"I said I loved him and he said, I love you grandma," says Carl Travis' Grandma, Connie Backus.

"That he loved me and he was happy that he was going to take his test," added Travis' Mother, Susan Lott.

Those were the last words Carl Travis said to his Grandma, Connie Backus and Mother, Susan Lott.

Backus said she last saw her grandson on Monday evening at her house getting new tires for his car.

And Lott didn't hear from him since February 11th.

"Carl's grandmother, Connie Backus, had called me on the 18th in the evening time and told me she put a missing report out on Carl Travis," replied Lott.

Travis was last seen by his dad's girlfriend on Tuesday with a plan in place.

"That's when he said Tuesday evening he was going to go somewhere up to Marietta and party," said Backus.

"His uncle Paul had told me that he rented a hotel room to party with his buddies," says Lott.

His family says Travis was listed in the U.S. Navy.

He was supposed to report for duty on Friday.

"Well, he graduated, he liked it and he was anxious to get back because he was going to run a track, a thing down there," added Backus.

"He wanted training of different fields, he thought he'd get the experience of traveling and just getting a well work ethic," replied Lott.

Carl Travis' mom or grandma had no idea he booked a room at the Lafayette Hotel. They hope and pray he is found safely.

"I love him, I want him to be safe and if where ever you're at, please contact somebody in the family or the police," said Lott.

"I love him and give me a call and let me know he's okay," says Backus.

Travis has brown hair and blue eyes.

He's five-feet-seven and 140 pounds.

Marietta Police say that if you have any information about his whereabouts or have had any recent contact with him, you're asked to contact the Marietta Police Department as soon as possible.

The number is 740-373-4141.

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