Mixed Health Care Law for WV

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The health care law is mixed for West Virginia drug abuse efforts.

Few states are as hard hit as the Mountain State in finding space in treatment centers for those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

More than 11,000 uninsured West Virginians with substance abuse problems can shop for private healthcare plans through the federal law starting in January.

“We have a very large population in West Virginia of prescription drug abusers and that's an extremely serious problem for the state,” says Dave Cisler, quality assurance director at Westbrook Health Services. “We see it everyday in the services we provide to our consumers.”

Cisler says if we can catch people at the front end of the situation before they reach the point where a bed is needed, we can stop or reduce the likelihood of even using the bed.

Even so, he says there aren't a lot of beds at Westbrook and they are certainly not unusual in that capacity.

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