Mom of the Month

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Mother's Day comes early for a Wirt County mom. She's our May 'Mom of the Month.'

Ruby McCumbers gets the honor because daughter Nancy says she's very special, raised six kids and has 10 grandkids, 11 great grandkids and everyone loves her. That includes: family, friends and the community where she's lived for 55 years.

“You’ve been nominated by your daughter Nancy to be 'Mom of the Month' this month -- congratulations, how do you feel,” says Les Paterson, of WTAP.

“Well, I am surprised really, I never expected her to do that,” McCumbers says.

“On behalf of Mcalarney Pools and Euphoria Gems, we would like to present you with this special Mother's Day gift, and on behalf of Crown Florals this beautiful arrangement of flowers,” Paterson says.

McCumbers says the most challenging thing about being a mom is raising six kids and just taking care of them, making sure they had plenty to eat, went to school and stayed out of trouble.

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