Mom of the Month

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She has the role of a lifetime, three children – Jessica, Jennifer and Jacob and six grandchildren. Meet WTAP's mom of the Month.

Daughter Jessica says she nominated her mom Lori Haddox for this honor because she rocks. She's been there since the beginning and couldn't be more deserving.

“Hi, Lori...guess've been nominated and you've won this month's Mom of the Month,” says Les Patterson, WTAP digital sales director. “We want to present you with these flowers, gorgeous flowers from Crown Florals."

Haddox's advice to new moms:

“Listen to your children, love your children,” she says. “Pay attention to what they're saying to you, that's the most important things. “When they need something, be there and give it to 'em.”

Remember to tell your kids you love them above and beyond anything else, Haddox says.

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