Mom's Everyday

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She's a dedicated and devoted family woman to a daughter, daughter-in-law, two sons and two granddaughters. Meet WTAP’s Mom of the Month.

Daughter-in-law Briana says she nominated her mother-in-law Kristina Breesawitz for this honor because she works hard all the time, is a great mom and is always supportive to everyone.

“You won mom of the month,” says Les Paterson, digital sales director at WTAP.

“Are you serious,” Breesawitz says.

“I'm serious,” Paterson says. “I'd like to give you these flowers from Crown Floral and this beautiful ring from Euphoria Gems.”

“I'm overwhelmed, happy. No matter what, love your kids -- as long as you love 'em, they'll turn out okay,” Breesawitz says.

According to Kristina, the best thing about being a mom is seeing your kids succeed and grandbabies, who are her heart.

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