More Than Fighting Fires

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They have to do more than fight fires.

In our area, to get to the scene, firefighters oftentimes have to drive through some rough terrain.

Members of the Devola Fire Department spent Saturday brushing up on their basic skills driving pumper trucks and squad vehicles.

It's part of a national training course, but it's also something devola's department requires of its volunteers.

"We do get into some tight spots sometimes, and the more trained we are, the better prepared we are," says Assistant Fire Chief J.J. Bichard. "I recommend that every fire chief that's hearing this right now get a training program in place if you don't already have one, just protect your department, protect your members and protect the community."

The program involves eight hours of time on the course and eight hours in class.

15 of the department's volunteers took part in Saturday's course training.

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