More Breaking And Enterings At Various Marietta Businesses

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Marietta has fallen victim to another round of breaking an enterings.

The Town House on Front Street, Boley Enterprises on Third and the Norwood Tavern on Green were all broken into Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, just outside of city limits, Misty Blue on Route 821 was also broken into.

The incidents come less than a week after three other bars and restaraunts in the city fell victim to similar crimes.

The Norwood Tavern had about a $1,000 stolen from it.

Less than $100 was taken from the Townhouse and nothing was taken from Boley's.

According to owners, the criminals at three of the businesses got in by prying their back doors open with a crow bar.

Still, police have yet to say whether there's a link between last night's incidents or to those that occured over the weekend.


The series of crimes has some business owners concerned about their stores' safety.

Norwood Tavern owner, Mary Eddy, says her neighbors expressed some concerns and say they'll be activating their security systems from now on.

Marietta police captain, Jeff Waite, is offering some tips for area businesses.

Waite says, "Keep very little, if any, cash in the business over night, make sure your business is well-lit inside, video, surveillence systems and an alarm system are excellent."

The Townhouse does not have a security system.

Norwood's had broken about a month ago, but eddy says getting it back up and running is now a top priority.

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